Want more Website Visitors? Put Out the Welcome Mat

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Are you frustrated by the number of unique visitors traveling to your website? Don’t feel badly because there is plenty of competition out there.

According to a Netcraft Web Server Survey, as of January 2001 there were 273,301,445 worldwide.

And that number has is growing.

So how can you get supporters to travel more often to your nonprofit’s website?

  • The number one rule is content. You have to write content that is fresh, up-to-date, and that will entice visitors to return and return again. Nothing is more important that solid content.
  • Include links to your “donate now” page on your website.
  • Create a landing page that is visually appealing.
  • Still feeling new to social media? Pick an online community and be active in it so that you can drive friends, fans, connections and followers back to your website.
  • Visit other nonprofit blogs and leave comments and your organization’s website URL. (Don’t spam blogs!)
  • Always keep your business cards within quick reach.
  • If your organization is on Twitter, notify your followers each time a new blog is posted, an event is planned, a major gift is received, a new director joins the board, etc.
  • Create an online news room and include press releases, a simple fact sheet about your CBO, and information reporters need for background to write accurate stories about your organization, programs, executive director and other items.

In short, to bring people to your website, be social on social media and actively communicate with the supporters you do have.

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